Kamis, 29 November 2007

Profile Hyde Laruku

Name : hyde ( pronounced as haido)
Real name : Hideto Takarai
Nickname : Doi hachirou (by tetchan), also called " hide " when they first started Laruku.
Height : ~157
Birthday : Jan 29th 1968 (we're not suppose to know either, but well fans just have their ways)
Place of Birth : Wakayama, Osaka ( Kansai )
Family : Mother, father ( only child )
Martial Status : wife = oishi megxxx..
Place he's living in right now : what i heard is ... the whole 20th Fl in some apartment in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. I guess he moves around though, or he's got a lot of investments..I dunno. He's bought a nice house in Wakayama for his parents.
Hobby : Collect blue glass products, video games (Biohazard), sketching, writing poems, cooking, scary novels, Rajicon (Radio control cars), Yoyo
Favorite Artist/Band : Marilyn Manson, Billy Joel, Radiohead, BAKI(gas tank), Cranberries,David Sylvian & more, but the thing is, he doesn't listen to a lot of music...weird
Favorite Food : Curry rice
Favorite Anime/manga : Nekojiru, Monster
Work experience : Mister Donut, Drum teacher. ex Jersalem Rods.
Illnesses : poor haido sama is color blind! that's why he couldn't persue his career as an artist.
Favorite fashion : he likes JPG a lot, but actally he wears a lot of vintage stuff. His recent styles are quite similar to ken's due to the fact that they have the same she probably really likes to wrap them up in vintage leather items ... and hyde just loves wearing furry jackets ^^ and he occasionally just wears a few really cute items :P Favorite girl type : Bijin.(beautiful lady)

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Anastasia Winda mengatakan...

Love Hyde, jadi lebih byk tau soal Hyde thanks ^^... go Hyde!!!!

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